Early Radio & Amateur Radio Resources & Technology

It’s probably not a surprise to any of you that I was involved in the AV club during my middle school and high school years. Back then, the AV club (audio visual club) was basically a group of the school ‘nerds’ (LOL) who loved all things technology related. We would help set up the projectors for teachers or the TV and VCR for movie days (my favorite!) There were also special projects where we could help with the theater groups for chorus and dance...mostly setting up lighting and doing any video recording that the school needed. AV club was pretty much the present day technology club – except we took all of the flack for being nerdy and computer geeks...today, anyone who is smart in technology is considered an entrepreneur! You’re welcome for paving the way, fellas!

AV club is near and dear to my heart. I was lucky enough to have a few great peer mentors who loved technology as much as I did. AV club is where I got interested in computers and really learned how incredible technology is. AV club is also where I picked up my second favorite hobby: amateur radio. One of the teachers at my school was involved in ham radio and thought the AV club would like to come to one of his radio club’s demonstrations. In one day, I was hooked!

I met some of my best friends through AV club and ham radio – we still keep in touch to do this day! If you’re interested in amateur radio, I’ve included some resources below for you to check out! Enjoy!!

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