The Importance of Technology

Technology means different things to do different people – this is something I’ve had to learn to accept. For me, technology is everything. Technology is my job, it’s my youth and nostalgia, it’s my social connections and friendships, it’s my help throughout the day to get things done.


I had to realize that technology doesn’t mean these things to everyone. To my parents, technology was an expensive hobby that consumed most of my young adult and teen life. To my parents, technology is also a headache at times; I’m often getting random calls of frustration because they can’t figure out how to open an important email document or fix something they deleted off of their phone.


To kids and teens, technology is a learning tool. I was shocked – but pleasantly surprised - to visit my niece’s classroom and find that every student had their own laptop. I WISH this was what my K-12 educational years were all about. We had to hand write all of our papers, notes and assignments. ...Now the kids are required to do everything via class websites and email. (Long gone are the days of me struggling to read my teacher’s handwriting on the projector: all the classrooms were also fitted with electronic projectors to share the teacher’s computer screen. HOW COOL!)


But no matter how you feel about technology, there’s no denying the fact that technology is bettering our lives and even saving them. From medical research and breakthroughs, to getting us to our destinations with ease, technology is a wonderful tool. But don’t just take my word. Check out these studies:


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