All About Tom Klint

I am the man behind the website. The webmaster, if you will!

I’m sure if you’ve made it to this page on my website, you’ve gotten some sort of idea of who I am. (I’m sure you’re thinking NERD haha!) ...but really, I am a lover of technology first and foremost. I owe everything I have to technology and computers. From my college degree to my current job to my friends and social life, everything is related to technology.

When I’m not providing IT support for the corporation I work at (my 9-5) I do freelance web design on the side. It’s a fun gig and an easy way to make extra money. Side note: If you are in need of some web design or need a website created for you, let’s get a conversation started. You can contact me via my email address: Tom at (Please replace the ‘at’ with the @ symbol!) prices are very fair and I am happy to work with you to create the exact web design you want!

What do I love doing in my free time other than web design? I’m also an avid gamer (bet you didn’t see that one coming LOL) and I am involved in my local ham radio club. (Did you read my Early Radio and Amateur Radio Resources and Technology page?) I can’t recommend amateur radio enough to anyone who is interested in learning about radio. Not only is it a fun hobby, but you never know who you will meet! Over the last 25+ years I have been involved with ham radio, I have met some of my very best friends. I’ve even been in their weddings! It’s such a fun way to connect with people!

For some personal information about me...I am the middle child of a family of 5. My Mom and Dad still live in my childhood house outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, where I was born and raised. I have an older sister Carly and a younger sister Meagan. I am the proud Uncle of my niece Karen (Hi Karen!!) I am currently living near Roanoke, Virginia with my 2 lizards Bebop and Rocksteady (any Ninja Turtle fans out there??) ...Oh and my favorite color is orange.

Contact Tom Klint: Tom (at)